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If you are looking to buy a high-end apartment off the plan in this contentious market you don’t need to stand alone. You need to have Sheree Gibbs property consultant standing alongside you.  Buying a property off the plan can be challenging, complex and quite daunting for most people when you don't understand the process. The developer has a professional on their side, why not have a licensed professional acting for you. With Sheree alongside, you know you have experience, knowledge and a master negotiator looking after your best interests.

Seeking professional advise about this decision, makes good sense.

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'It’s about being overtly transparent'.


Our service aims to remove the uncertainty you may feel and provide you with peace of mind. Engaging impartial professional advice and expert guidance can give you the confidence you seek when making this life changing decision.  


We can identify the flaws and not so oblivious questions, demystify ‘agent speak’, and guide you through the complexities of buying off the plan 

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If you are considering downsizing and buying a luxury apartment off the plan, 'talk to us first'.


Tandos Gibbs founder, Sheree Gibbs, recognised the need for professional, independent, impartial representation of purchasers when considering buying an off the plan property. 


With over 15+ years experience in the Melbourne real estate market specialising in high-end off the plan properties, we understand the entire sales process. We have extensive, hands-on experience across all the varied aspects of a development having managed an array of projects from inception to completion


'We are about creating a customer-first culture'.


'The problem is often the first step, we are the solution to that problem'.

About You

Lots of people look into buying a new apartment off the plan. They dip their toe in the water and then retreat. The problem is it's complicated. So many unknowns. All just too hard to navigate.


Every year they try again and every year they retreat. This cycle repeats itself year after year...and then they miss out on their dream of downsizing to the home they want.

The problem is often the first step,

I’m the solution to that problem…


She really knows and really understands buying off the plan. We bought the apartment we wanted and Sheree saved us.

My partner and I were looking to downsize from our family home for nearly a year when we came across Sheree, who was recommended to us by a friend. My first reaction was that getting a buyer’s agent seemed like an indulgence, that we should just keep looking. But the problem wasn’t finding properties, it was about feeling confident in securing the right property. Sheree helped us enormously in narrowing our field and finally securing the right property.

She is candid, up front, a great negotiator and does her due diligence on all aspects of the development and the property itself. She really knows and really understands buying off the plan. 

We bought the apartment we wanted and Sheree saved us.

Tim & Leesa

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