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It's Personal
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We are different, 'we are a buyer advocate service specialising in buying luxury properties exclusively off the plan.' 


Buyers Advocate

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Sheree Gibbs

Sheree’s career path has proved to be an amazing preparation when providing valuable insight and advice for owner occupiers looking to buy a new luxury residence or apartment off the plan.


Sheree enjoys meeting new people and gets enormous satisfaction from matching the right buyer to the right property. She is very sensitive to her clients’ needs and will always go the extra mile to help ensure the best outcome.


From a background in fashion and design to licensed real estate agent of some 15+ years, most of which has been spent in off the plan having managed an array of projects from inception to completion. Sheree has amerced a wealth of inside knowledge of the industry. She has an innate understanding of people and her clients’ needs and prides herself on providing the highest level of personalised service and maintains a ‘client for life philosophy’.


Sheree believes in honesty, integrity, and transparency. 'I want to help buyers have a full understanding of the process' when navigating the intricacies and uncertainty of buying off the plan. 

Known for her approachable and consultative style, Sheree is motivated by her love of the industry and unwavering commitment to help people buy the right property, one that fits their criteria, desired location and within their budget.

'It’s about clarity of information'.

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Why Us

We have been in the industry collectively for over 50 years.


We are not 'property spruikers', we don’t sell or market multi residential developments through other agencies or 3rd party agents. 


Tandos Gibbs Projects only collaborate and work with a select number of hand-picked developers at any one time where we have ‘exclusive contractual agreements’.


We are not aligned, connected or affiliated with other real estate agencies, agents or 3rd party companies apart from Tandos Gibbs Projects.


We will always act impartially and independently when acting for you. We only recommend properties where the developer is overtly transparent, has an exemplary track that best suit your aspirations and desired criteria.


'We are independent and impartial. We work for you at all times.'

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