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161 EASTERN/May 20th 2024


Here are the latest updates:

  1. Tower Crane Removal: On April 6th, we successfully removed the tower crane right on schedule.

  2. Façade Scaffold Removal: Starting in May, we will begin removing the façade scaffold, marking another step towards the final look of the building.

  3. Purchaser Inspections: The first round of purchaser inspections is set to begin the week of May 20th. We can’t wait for you to see the progress firsthand.

  4. Practical Completion: Our builder anticipates practical completion in the first week of August. This is despite a delayed load of shipping containers expected in the second half of May.

  5. Roof Plant Area: The roof plant area, including the AC units, is almost complete.

  6. Gas Connection: The gas connection from the street to the site is now complete.

  7. Civils/Reinstatement: All civil and reinstatement work is complete.

  8. Glass Installation: Glass installation up to level 9 is complete and has successfully passed waterproofing tests. Each panel of glass underwent rigorous testing with high-pressure water to ensure no leaks.

Here’s a floor-by-floor update:

  • Levels 1-2: Walls, plaster, and painting are complete. Joinery is finished, tiles are in progress, and flooring and stonework are nearly done.

  • Levels 3-4: Walls, plaster, and painting are complete. Joinery is finished, and waterproofing is nearly done.

  • Levels 5-6: Walls, plaster, and painting are complete. Joinery installation will start in the coming weeks, and waterproofing has commenced.

  • Levels 7-8: Walls and plastering are complete. The stop, sand, and ceiling grid work is currently underway.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work towards completion of 161 Eastern. We’ll keep you

updated with more exciting news as we get closer to the finish line.

The 161 E Team

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