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Our Sevices

Our Help


The Facts

It’s not rocket science but I’m sure at times it can feel like it at times.


We help you identify the facts and not so oblivious questions, demystify ‘agent speak’, and guide you through the complexities and often bring your attention to aspects of a property (both good and bad) that you may not have previously contemplated.


Time Efficiency's

The perils of exhaustion.


People looking to downsize and buy an apartment off the plan, generally start looking long before they are ready to make the move. They soon realise they know nothing, panic soon sets in, and the idea gets shelved pretty quickly.


Our goal is to give you the information, advice and support you need to purchase your ideal property without wasting time, energy and money!


Owners Corporations

The devil is in the detail.


Learn about the important facts about being part of an 'Owners Corporation' that you need to know and understand.. The positives and the negatives. Knowing and understanding the facts from the beginning will save you headaches down the track.


Ongoing Communications

We keep you updated throughout the whole journey, we always take your call.


While the due diligence phase is governed by trust, track record and the proven history of a developer consistently delivering above and beyond expectation, when the decision is made and the deposit paid – is all about communication. Maintaining an open dialogue between developer and purchasers is something we feel strongly about throughout the duration of a project. 


Additional Services

We have the technology.


We have our own in-house interior architect - if you require advice regarding variations to the standard fixtures & Fittings options offered in the Contract of Sale.


We offer floorplan alternatives if the current design doesn’t fit your needs.


We offer styling tips and concepts at settlement if required.


*Note - These services may be subject to additional charges.



It is about clarity of information.


We pride ourselves on using intelligence, honesty, and impartiality in the best interests of our clients when acting or negotiating on your behalf.

We only put forward properties from developers that have an impeccable track record, design aesthetic and sustainability approach with a common goal to deliver better apartment designs and standards across their projects and present what they promise at settlement.

Maintaining an open dialogue between developer and purchasers is something TG Advocacy integrate throughout the duration of a project. 


Contracts & Documentation

The inside scoop.


All contracts need to be examined by a conveyancer or solicitor. However, we know from years of experience what additional information needs to be captured in the documentation.


Mitigate Risks

Can you afford not to know.


Our expert knowledge and awareness of potential pitfalls - and how to avoid them - can save you time and money, eventuating in a smooth process and successful outcome.

The transparency of a project development and the accurate articulation of its progress is paramount. Ones that, while obvious, often becomes lost in the complexity of the process and emotional verses pragmatic dialogues which should run in tandem.

'We work for you,
at all times'.



What makes TG Advocacy unique?


After over 15 years of first hand industry experience, we have an in-depth knowledge of Melbourne’s off the plan property market. We know who the best developers are across Melbourne, we’ve invested many years in property development and looking after clients needs.

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