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Design & Development are in my DNA ...





I've always felt driven to do things differently. 

I'm continually exhilarated by the search for new ideas and feel passionate about being the very best.

Growing up with a successful builder/developer father, I learn't at an early age that determination and having a hands on approach came with its own rewards. My early beginnings in business began when I created one of Melbourne's most dynamic and well loved businesses in what's often described as the toughest industry in Australia - retail. 


After 20+ years of successful operation, numerous industry accolades and combined business and personal growth, it was time to return to my roots and do something that had always been close to my heart. From that decision there followed an intense period with some of Australia's most respected names in real estate. During these years I worked alongside a number of well respected, high profile property developers. It was also during this period where I felt a strong sense there was an untapped niche, an opportunity to develop a new standard within the industry - this is where the seed for TandosGibbs was born.

The success of my clients at TandosGibbs has been one of the most rewarding and invigorating experiences of my life.